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  • PracticePro™

    Electronic Health Records + Practice Management + Billing
  • ChartsPro™

    Electronic Health Records
MTBC PracticePro™
MTBC PracticePro™ is a medical billing service that simplifies every step of the practice management process from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the tedious billing and remittance tasks that follow every patient visit. MTBC will accelerate your collections and streamline your practice with technology-based solutions.
  • Daily claims submission and follow-up to all payers
  • Patient billing and courtesy balance reminder calls
  • 24/7 secure online access to financial reports
  • Eligibility, reminder calls, and online bill pay
MTBC ChartsPro™
MTBC ChartsPro™ presents a Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified electronic health records software. Designed by doctors, the EMR increases revenues, reduces expenses and improves patient workflow. Hosted in our secure cloud, or locally installed in your office, access your critical patient information from any internet ready PC or mobile device.
  • Shared network of templates written by physicians
  • Integration with the Patient Health Record (PHR) portal
  • Connect to 65,000 pharmacies, LabCorp, Quest, and more
  • Access your data with iPhone® and Android® apps

What our clients are saying

Medical Billing Service

MTBC's PracticePro™ is an end-to-end Medical Billing service that features daily claims submission, follow-up and denial management. MTBC processes all claims through a rules based system that reduces the risk of billing errors and denials. We also handle patient statements and provide a toll-free number for medical billing-related inquiries.

Our billing and practice management tools-in concert with our certified EHR-help practices improve patient care, reduce expenses, and increase revenues. These services finally resolve the medical billing pains which most practices experience. Additionally, we offer a wealth of Technology Tools that improve your ability to access your medical billing and financial reporting information. With iPhone® and Android® applications, a mobile website, and SMS alerts, we offer the most accessible medical billing platform available anywhere.

Electronic Health Records

MTBC's ChartsPro™ presents a Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EHR that improves patient care and workflow while helping you earn the Meaningful Use incentives. Eliminate paper charts and earn your bonus with our proprietary, 2014 ONC-ACB Certified EHR, with integrated practice management. Using our EMR, a practice can electronically prescribe medications, submit lab orders, receive lab results, provide patient education resources, and integrate with a secure patient portal.

Your electronic medical record software will seamlessly integrate with MTBC's medical billing and practice management tools, allowing you to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. Save time, save money and improve patient care in a paperless environment that is accessible from any Internet ready PC or Mac. With flexible EHR Deployment options, you can host your EHR in MTBC's secure cloud or manage your own local installation.

Included Services

MTBC's Value Added Services include a wealth of tools and technologies that simplify your practice and improve patient outcomes. Your time is valuable and it should not be spent on tasks that can be automated and improved using technology solutions.

Our services support nearly all aspects of your medical practice. We will design, build, and host an attractive website for your practice that integrates with a secure patient portal. Reduce no-shows by 40% with our automated reminder calls service. Confirm detailed insurance eligibility before an appointment is scheduled and allow your patients to check-in using our touch-screen patient kiosk. Submit prescriptions, labs, and medical billing claims using our certified EHR and access your information through our mobile tools for iPhone®, Android®, and SMS alerts. These services and many more are included with our 5% PracticePro™ Medical Billing Service.