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May 14, 2010

MTBC has Launched its Free Medical Billing Software "BillingPro"

SOMERSET, NJ (May 14, 2010) -- MTBC, a Unique Healthcare IT company, has announced the launch of BillingPro, the only 100% free medical billing software offered in the healthcare industry today.

With over 10 years of experience in medical billing and practice management services, MTBC understands that many healthcare providers prefer to handle their billing in-house or simply cannot afford the cost of outsourcing their billing to a third party. MTBC developed its BillingPro software with the needs of these particular practices in mind.

With BillingPro, healthcare providers no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on billing software, especially when they are doing all of the actual work themselves. Practices can now submit their own medical claims quickly and easily to payers across the country, with no additional software fees or billing expenses.

MTBC’s free BillingPro software includes a number of valuable features:

  • Electronic medical billing submissions to nearly all payers;
  • Patient data import;
  • HCFA printing;
  • Detailed, real-time reports;
  • An integrated appointment scheduler;
  • Multiple provider and location support;
  • Seamless patient statement generation; and
  • Real-time claims scrubbing.

To take advantage of MTBC’s complete, do-it-yourself medical billing solution, healthcare providers can simply download BillingPro from MTBC’s— and begin entering their claims in less than 5 minutes.


Founded in 1999 and based in Somerset, N.J., MTBC performs revenue cycle and practice management services for healthcare providers across the country. Its end-to-end billing and practice management solution, offered at only 5% of monthly collections, presents a service suite unmatched in the industry for its scope and value. Features of MTBC's 5% plan include a CCHIT-certified EMR (provided and supported at no additional charge), automated appointment reminders, real-time online insurance eligibility verification, a customized practice website with online patient scheduling, e-prescribing, lab connectivity and more. MTBC was recently recognized by Deloitte LLP as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. To learn more about MTBC's medical billing and practice management services, visit or call (866) 266-6822.


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