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A Complete MEANINGFUL USE STAGE 2 CERTIFIED Web Based EHR SOFTWARE (Electronic Health Records)

ChartsPro™ is a comprehensive, web-based EHR solution incorporating all the functionalities essential for automating the mission-critical activities of a medical practice from charting and e-prescribing to patient check-in and ordering a lab test.
Our Electronic Health Record system is fully integrated with MTBC practice management solution PracticePro™ to help streamline your workflow and simplify your practice management.
To learn more about the functionality of our comprehensive EHR system, please view our EHR feature list below:


Integrated Billing Solution & PM

– Our entire product suite -PM, RCM and EHR system functions as a cohesive, unified platform with a single database and can be accessed via a single user login.


– With our built-in, surescript certified electronic prescribing module you can make safe drug & dosage decisions and check a prescribed drug against drug to drug, drug to allergy and drug to disease contraindications.



iCheckIn is an Android/iPad tablet application to automate the patient check-in process and provide more self service options to your patients.


Mobile Applications

– Our software is complemented by a string of innovative mobile applications for personal health records, e-prescribing and patient check-in to facilitate care collaboration and coordination.


Patient Health Records

– Empower your patients by providing them with convenient access to their personal health records via our online patient portal and mobile personal health records application iPHR.



– Our EHR software contains a “complete longitudinal patient chart” displaying comprehensive patient health records including entire patient history so you will always have complete patient data to make correct medical decisions.



– An appointment scheduler application will help you conveniently schedule patient appointments and manage your staff schedules. You can also send automatic appointment and wellness reminders to reduce patient no shows.



– is a holistic patient engagement product bundle, designed to help you automate your essential patient support services as well as connect more meaningfully with your patients.


Lab Integration

– With sophisticated in built HIE capabilities in our certified EHR software, you can order labs directly and also receive results directly from our lab partners.


Referral Management

– You can easily refer your patients to care partners by creating referral letters effortlessly in our EMR software.


Secure Messaging

– You can send messages securely to your patients with our secure messaging feature.



– Our intuitive reporting tool is integrated with our business intelligence module so you can generate customized reports to examine your operational and financial health in order to make well informed business decisions.


Customizable WebEHR Dashboard

–Our intuitive Electronic Health Record Software dashboard displays graphically information about pending medication refills request; incoming messages, scheduled tasks, and received lab results.


Customizable specific Templates

– Our customizable specialty specific templates will help you to save crucial treatment time while charting.


Advanced Security

– Our web-based EHR software is fully compliant of HIPAA security standards as we enforce strict role based access security controls, to ensure that only authorized clinicians can access patient records and data.


Patient Kiosk

– You can streamline your patient check-in process with our integrated patient check-in kiosk.
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Maximum Functionality with Innovative Versatility

ChartsPro™ is a versatile electronic health records EHR solution tailored to your speciality, with functionalities including specialty-specific templates and customizable charts to help you accurately document the patient encounter and create a more accurate diagnosis. You can tailor our EHR software to your specific practice needs and unique workflow,as it is very scalable and designed to provide maximum customization.

Supported Specialties: Please pick your specialty to find out more:

Internal Medicine / Family Practice / General Practice

Internal Medicine / Family Practice / General Practice:

Full integration with all Midmark® devices
One-click data entry of physical exam and review of systems
Ability to bring in previous notes into today’s visit



Full integration with Midmark® ECG and Holter devices.
DICOM support for simple loading of cardiac lab images.
Full ICD & CPT cardiology coding including modifiers and E&M support.



Integrated podiatric history module.
Templates to support documentation of lesions, ulcers and masses.

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Full support of CDC growth charts including height,
weight, and BMI
Ability to document head circumference



Electronic ACOG® forms for easy documentation
Pregnancy history forms including gynecological, menstrual and relevant past medical histories

Psychology and Psychiatry

Psychology and Psychiatry:

DSM IV codes preloaded for easy entry and selection
Full ICD & CPT psychology and psychiatry coding including modifiers and E&M support



Full ICD & CPT Dermatology coding with 30% annual savings.
E&M support with template-driven applications to support documentation.



Full ICD & CPT Rheumatology coding including modifiers and E&M support Large graphics of upper and lower extremities.



MTBC, in collaboration with EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, provides a technology driven solution (Ophtimize™) for Ophthalmologists. Ophtimize™ supports built-in templates attuned to Ophthalmology that automate and streamline the practice workflow.

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