ICD 10 Mandate Delay May Affect Pace Of ICD 10 Training

The World Health Organization has delayed the ICD-10 mandate. The new date to ensure ICD 10 compliance is 1st October 2015. The decision has in fact delighted hundreds of EHR vendors and healthcare providers across the world. But along with relief, the decision to delay the mandatory compliance of the new coding brings up a

Hospitals And Patients Urged To Be Mindful About The Quality Of EHR Software They Are Buying

More and more software vendors are now providing quality EMR software solutions to hospitals and healthcare organisations. But, there are still many gaps in the technological solutions available, especially in the areas of data sharing and data security. On top of that, the use of cheap EHR applications that do not meet the CMS guidelines

Features Of Medical Coding And Billing Software

Medical billing and coding software offer solutions for all the billing related needs in a hospital. This software can be used to handle all medical insurance billing services that include all the billing needs of the physician. It can also be used to submit claims, bill patients, to follow up rejected claims and to track

Experts Point Out Human Errors In Electronic Records Generation

The software for creating and maintaining an electronic medical record database works efficiently, if properly implemented. Recent reports point out that error can still crop into the records from the data entry point. This has nothing to do with the software or the EHR guidelines currently in place. It was found that at the data

Ethnicity Based Genetics Research Data Set To Play A Key Role In Health Management

As increasing numbers of nations are adopting Electronic medical recordkeeping systems, experts are pointing out that the EHR technology can be used for effective population health management. One of the key points mentioned in these reports was the use of genetics research data. By collecting data using a well crafted medical history form template, hospitals

Better EHR Integration And Scalability Required For Effective Population Management

The implementation of Electronic Medical Recordkeeping or EMR systems is a work in progress. Most of the hospitals and healthcare centres in the country are yet to make the transition. However, experts have already started advocating the expansion of Electronic Health Records system for better population health management. A recent report published by JASON, a

Efficient Use Of EHR Technology Can Reduce The Chances Of Medical Errors

Many studies in the past have concluded that at least some of the thousands of patient deaths happening every year in this country happen solely because of medical errors. In other words, some of these deaths could have been avoided in the first place, if full information about the patient medical history was available to

CMS Urged To Remove The EHR Implementation Penalties

Hospitals and healthcare organisations are finding it very difficult to meet the different Meaningful Use stage requirements as part of the EHR implementation deadline set by the federal government. They are now mounting pressure on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to introduce more flexibility into the EHR implementation requirements. CMS asked to consider

AMGA Appreciates CMS’s Proposals To Improve Healthcare Practices

In the wake of national level demand from healthcare experts to the improve the standard of medical care services, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced a proposal that aims supporting and improving Medicare Shared Savings Program for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The proposal will cover every participant in the healthcare system such as

Survey Shows That Benefits Of Health Information Exchanges Are Not Evaluated Properly

One of the recent surveys conducted by RAND Corporation has found that patient health data of patients may not be available readily with doctors as expected by all. The survey has found that the data in medical history form template is scattered among hospitals, emergency departments and doctors, and the communication failure between them is