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Passwords in Your Practice

A Quick Note on Password Protection You may have heard that Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s email has been hacked and that unauthorized users obtained access to her private Yahoo! account took screenshots of her inbox and posted them online. What you may not have heard that the attackers used a rather simple “forgot password”

Real-time Claims Adjudication

Real-time claims adjudication: the process by which medical billing claims are submitted to a payer for processing whereby the claims are adjudicated automatically and payment/denial information is sent back to the submitter in real-time. The process allows the medical practice to submit a patient’s claim to the payer and determine the patient responsibility while the

Laptop Security: 5 Steps to Getting it Right

If you use a laptop in any capacity within your office you may be placing your practice at grave risk if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent data theft.  We’ve all heard the horror stories: May 22, 2006: A Department of Veteran Affairs data analyst (read: low on the totem pole) had

Automating Patient Check-In: How you can get started

Physician’s Practice reports in its August issue that self-service medicine, driven by electronic patient-entered histories, is improving patient outcomes. Touch-screens—shiny, user-friendly devices—are finally making their way into the doctor’s office. The new fad in start-up clinics is to place a touch-screen at the front desk to check-in patients, collect co-pays, take the patient’s picture, and

Welcome to MTBC’s Healthcare IT

Welcome! MTBC, the Unique Healthcare IT Company®, has launched this healthcare IT blog as a way of providing regular updates to physicians and practice managers on the happenings of healthcare information technology. As a pioneer in the healthcare IT arena, MTBC has redefined the value and service of a medical billing company. MTBC is well