ICD-10 #1 Tools and Tips

ICD-10 #1 Tools and Tips  

Conversion to ICD-10 has actually been going on for some time on a global scale, and is about to be joined by vast numbers of doctors in the U.S. Payers and clearinghouses everywhere have been testing, testing, testing, and most big industry players say they are ready for v10. MTBC completed its testing and is all set for both commercial and government payers.

male doctor sitting in his clinic using smart phone accessing mobile app

MTBC knows that in order to be successful, it needs to offer user friendly tools and live coaching. Good hard work should be supported by the best equipment technology has to offer. MTBC has built an easy to use and highly ranked ICD 9 to ICD 10 converter app, available for both Apple and Android.

Users of the app are saying, “This app saved me so much time. Thank you. I love it!” Another user said, “This is a lifesaver for those who need to change from ICD-9 and don’t want to spend hours looking for codes!!!”

MTBC is ready to help providers make this transition. So much so that we built a free app and have a team of specialists on standby to help. If you haven’t done so already, download the app, or contact us to learn more about our ICD-10 solutions at ICD10@mtbc.com or 732-873-5133 x 308.