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Welcome To The Future: Web-Based Medical Billing And Practice Management

Our PracticePro™ service is web-based, so you and your staff can gain access to all of your billing information from any Internet ready computer and a number of mobile platforms. There is never any software to download, install, update or most importantly purchase!

All aspects of PracticePro™—real-time reporting, online scheduling, our secure support center for client communication, and more—are constantly updated with new features and services which are all included at no additional charge. There are never any hidden fees for training, upgrades or updates.

Features of PracticePro™

MTBC PracticePro™ provides you with all the tools you need to take your practice to the next level. Features include:

Easily Schedule Appointments

  • Set office hours, holidays, appointment rules and recalls.
  • View detailed patient balance information.
  • Document co-pays with our integrated cash register.
  • Print customized superbills, receipts, IOUs and sign-in sheets.

Submit Claims Electronically

  • Submit claims to MTBC electronically via MTBC EHR.
  • Save time and resources by eliminating the need to scan paper superbills.
  • Avoid billing errors by using electronic superbills.

Rules Based System

  • Submit clean claims the first time, every time, using our Rules Based System (RBS).
  • Any claims bounced back through MTBC’s rules engine appear on your pending transaction list (PTL) for your review and confirmation.
  • Over a million rules to ensure clean claim submission, which has resulted in 98% First Time Pass Rate.

Keep A Pulse On Your Practice

  • Generate reports in real-time to see total charges, payments, current and past A/R and more.
  • View reports by provider, location or timeframe.
  • Analyze ERA reports by payer, check dates or dates of service to see detailed information for each claim.
  • Analyze your payer mix to determine payment to charge ratios.
  • Compare payment histories of specific CPTs.
  • Review your most used procedure and diagnosis codes to compare payment information.
  • For more information click here about our real-time reporting features.

24/7 Technical Support and Secure Messaging Features

  • Communicate directly with your MTBC medical billing team through our secure online messaging application.
  • Eliminate e-mails and faxes related to your billing, bolstering your HIPAA compliance.
  • Document and track the status of each case generated using the Secure Support Center.

Collection Agency Connectivity

  • MTBC is partnered with NCO Group, the largest collection agency in the country.
  • Examine dormant or unpaid patient balances before submitting them to collections.

To sign up, schedule a demo, or obtain more information about PracticePro™, call us today at (866) 266-6822 or send an email to

A Fully Integrated Billing and Practice Management Solution

MTBC’s PracticePro™ includes free access to MTBC EHR – an ONC Certified HIT. Our EHR is fully integrated with PracticePro™ to maximize the productivity of your practice and enhance the clinical aspects of every patient visit.

Whether your practice is high-tech or low-tech, MTBC PracticePro™ will streamline your billing and optimize the overall efficiency and workflow of your practice.

How Our Integrated System Works

MTBC’s PracticePro™ facilitates both paper and electronic transmission of your encounter data. Through PracticePro™, all patient information, procedure/diagnosis codes and other relevant encounter data is transmitted via automated synchronization between MTBC EHR and PracticePro™ - no superbills or clicking required!

Third-Party EHR Interface

If your practice already has an EHR in place that you would prefer to continue using, we will build the necessary bridge between your EHR and PracticePro™. As long as your EHR meets basic industry standards, MTBC will work with your EHR vendor to create an IT interface by which you can seamlessly export encounter data to our system – with the click of a button.

To sign up, schedule a demo or obtain more information about PracticePro™, call us today at (866) 266-6822 or send an email to

Get the Information You Need, When You Need It

MTBC’s PracticePro™ features Business Intelligence tools that will allow you to make the best business decision for your practice. You can access accurate, up-to-the-minute information that will give you a clear picture of the overall financial health of your practice.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Never wait for a report. Our online reporting tools can be accessed from any Internet-ready computer and most mobile devices. MTBC’s PracticePro™ is easy to use and always accessible – anytime, and from anywhere.

Reports for Physicians, By Physicians

Our reports deliver results for your practice because they have been built for physicians, by physicians. To ensure that you get the information you need to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your practice, we created many of our online reporting tools at the suggestion and direction of MTBC clients. Our detailed practice management reports provide you with the information that is most relevant to the operational and financial wellbeing of your practice.

Financial Reports:

  • Summary Report: Provides a real-time overview of all charges, payments and adjustments for each provider and location. Analyze your performance by individual insurance and government payers, or by patient.
  • Claim Payment Report: Allows you to examine each individual payment for any provider, location or facility. Details the unpaid claims for the timeframe you have selected.
  • Daily Billing Activity Report: Provides a detailed review of all billing entries for any date of service selected. Displays total charges, payments and adjustments for each billing entry.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Report: Provides detailed payment information received electronically from various governmental and commercial insurance payers.

Practice Analysis Reports:

  • Most Used Procedure/Diagnosis: Examine the procedure and diagnosis codes used most frequently within your practice. Compare payment histories by payer for each of your most used codes. Customize the report for any provider, location or timeframe you choose.
  • Insurance Company Report: Analyze the payment patterns for each insurance company within your payment population. Compare total payments, payment to charge ratios and payments by attending or billing physicians.
  • Patient Analysis Report: Examine specific payment patterns for insurance companies by claim status (billing, re-billed, pending, etc.). Determine which procedure codes are the most profitable for your practice based upon payment history information.

These are just a few of the many reporting tools available to you through MTBC’s PracticePro™. PracticePro™ allows you to review all aspects of your billing, patient and claims information with minimal time and effort from your office staff.

To sign up, schedule a demo or obtain more information about MTBC PracticePro™, call us today at (866) 266-6822 or send an email to