Personal Health Record

Personal Health Records for the Patients

For MU Stage2, providers have an active patient engagement strategy. MTBC provides a free patient portal as a part of our patient engagement toolkit Care Connector®. Our patient portal will help you drive greater patient engagement and improve your patient communications to satisfy the MU Stage2 patient engagement requirements and qualify for ARRA reimbursements.

MTBC's Personal Health Records Portal is a dynamic delivery platform for more personalized patient engagement services. It will empower your patients by providing them with a multitude of self-service options so they may take better control of their healthcare.


By activating a PHR account, your patients will be able to:

  • Access their complete medical history online, including medication and diagnosis
  • Receive their account statements and make secure online payments
  • Schedule appointments and view upcoming appointments
  • Send secure messages to their physicians
  • View their recent labs & test results
  • Fill out forms and other paperwork
  • Request prescription refills
  • Practice preventive care by studying patient education material

Providing your patients’ access to PHR will also make your practice more productive as:

  • Online appointment scheduling and access to lab & test results will reduce the cost of your patient services and administrative overhead
  • Convenient online access to medical records and lab and test results will make your patients more proactive in their healthcare
  • Online bill payments will improve your direct collections
  • Secure messaging will strengthen the patient-physician connection and drive your patients’ loyalty

Patients can easily activate their Personal Health Records by registering online for a PHR account or by downloading our smart phone iPHR application. You can also activate your patient’s PHR account in the MTBC WebEHR.

Our Personal Health Records Portal is a part of our integrated EHR solution and is free for all of our EHR users. We also provide free technical support and training to address any issues.

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