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Personal Health Records (PHR)

In an effort to strengthen the physician-patient connection and promote patient-centric healthcare, MTBC has now launched PHR - a free personal health records smart application for iPhone & Android. Using PHR, patients can view their vital healthcare information and also manage certain aspects of their healthcare - all instantly and securely- by simply using their smart phones.


PHR Features

View & update demographic information

Review insurance claims and past payment history

Make secure credit card payments

Schedule appointments

Option of requesting a refill

View Lab results and tests

Providing patients with convenient access to their personal health records would not only promote transparency and patient engagement, but also help physicians in qualifying for Meaningful Use Stage 2 reimbursements.


  • Online appointment scheduling will free up your administrative staff
  • Providing patient's access to their medical information will empower them and reduce discrepancies and errors.
  • Convenient access to test results, payment options will enhance service quality and reduce cost of patient services
  • 24/7 secure messaging will facilitate easier channels of provider-patient communication and also increase patient loyalty
  • Meeting the Meaningful Use Stage 2 objective of providing patients with timely access to their patient records.

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