About MTBC

Partner Marketplace

MTBC is connected with a diverse range of clinical partners to enable more integrated patient care. Using the MTBC EHR, providers can “order” (request or schedule) patient tests directly from our clinical partners and promptly receive the results. This information-sharing and collaboration helps our clients to achieve true care coordination, simultaneously eliminating all redundant paperwork to allow for more streamlined and cost effective care delivery.

MTBC is a billing partner of Practice Fusion, the country’s largest doctor-patient community, with more than 150,000 users and a 56 million patient community. Practice Fusion provides a free, web-based EHR solution incorporating: medical charting, scheduling, ePrescribing, lab integrations and personal health records. Practice Fusion's EHR software is meaningful use certified and designed to fully address the complex regulatory needs of physician practices.
MTBC is an Amazing Charts billing partner and supports integrated data exchange between its practice management solution PracticePro™ and Amazing Charts EHR. Amazing Charts clients can directly integrate their EHR with MTBC's PracticePro™, which will enable them to send claims with just one-click.
Award-winning, affordable, and template-free, Praxis Electronic Medical Records is a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Record software. Over the last 20 years, Praxis EMR has established a dedicated and active customer base of over 5000 physician users across all 50 states, Canada, and throughout the world. Whereas most other EMRs are based on rigid and cumbersome templates, Praxis EMR utilizes an artificial intelligence technology called Concept Processing that learns from the individual clinician, becoming smarter and faster as the user charts in free text.
EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc. roots begin as a localized technology firm in Southwest Florida founded in 1998 (X-tech Data Systems, Inc.) that specialized in healthcare technology services. Its services included providing & supporting hardware & software to both Medical Practices & Medical Billing Companies. Because of its placement in the industry, it recognized a growing need for an EMR specific to the Ophthalmology Specialty. It partnered with a local Ophthalmologist to create such software, and moved its development division within their office. To learn more about the unique benefits of ophtimize™, please visit ophtimize™.
Universal EHR Solutions was organized by physicians, social workers, health care policy planners, attorneys, and computer specialists, as a healthcare information technology company, providing state-of-the-art solutions for a safer, more efficient, consumer-driven healthcare system. MTBC and Universal EHR Solutions are strategic partners, exploring new opportunities.
Formedic is an industry leader in patient forms and charts. For over 25 years, Formedic has served over 194,000 Physicians and allowed them to deliver more personalized care with its specialty specific customizable patient forms & charts. Formedic products- medial history questionnaires and patient history forms -are tailored to the needs of 20 distinct specialties. To learn more about the unique benefits of FormedicEHR, please click here.
MTBC has partnered with Phreesia to offer its clients new ways to automate their workflow processes and reduce the amount of manual work required for every patient visit—from the initial scheduling of the appointment, to check-in, to collecting patient payments.
PDR Network provides innovative products and services that benefit bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers, electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing vendors, healthcare professionals and other industry stakeholders, as well as the organizations that support them.

Lab Partners

Med Labs diagnostics provides its community and clients with high-quality diagnostic testing and personalized services.
LabCorp is one of the world’s largest clinical laboratories. It is a pioneer in genomic testing and commercialization of new diagnostic technologies. Recognized for its innovation, quality, and customer convenience, LabCorp delivers timely, accurate results for improved patient care.
As a leading provider of diagnostic testing. Quest Diagnostics serves almost 145 million patients annually. Quest Diagnostics customers include a variety of healthcare specialists, patients, physicians, hospitals, health insurers, employers and government agencies.
Accurate Diagnostic Labs is the independent alternative to the disconnected commercial laboratories. AD labs built a client network that’s based on an innovative, service oriented mentality.

Strategic Alliances

As the largest clearinghouse for digital healthcare connections, Change Healthcare provides MTBC clients with unrivaled solutions that simplify access to and delivery of healthcare information. MTBC utilizes Change Healthcare’s insurance eligibility, claims status, and submission services to provide its clients access to real-time information regarding their medical billing.
Surescripts was founded in 2001 by pharmacies and PBMs to replace paper prescriptions with electronic prescriptions. In doing so, they built unique and powerful assets that differentiated them from others. They connect pharmacies, care providers, benefit managers, and technology partners to get the right information to the right place at the right time. Surescripts provides MTBC with PBMs (Patient Benefit Information), Medication History, e-Prescription (EPCS, legend drugs) routing to Pharmacy, Pharmacies directory, Providers Directory and Renewal of medication request.
MTBC is a Microsoft Certified Partner with competency in Data Management Solutions as well as Business Process and Integration. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, MTBC has demonstrated exemplary expertise with Microsoft technologies and platforms.
Utilizing its 128-bit encryption technology, VeriSign provides MTBC clients with peace of mind and confidence that billing and patient information is secured. VeriSign is the leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce connections for Web sites that value security and data integrity.
Regulatory compliance requires diligence and persistence. HealthCare Compliance Network's Regulatory Compliance Management System (RCMS) is a central repository for all regulatory compliance documentation and training. The RCMS empower healthcare providers with state of the art technology and personalized service to meet all compliance needs. HCN's full suite of compliance services allows healthcare providers to maintain a strong culture of regulatory compliance and avoid steep fines and penalties associated with non-compliance and reputational damage.
MTBC has partnered with NCO Group, the largest collection agency in the nation to provide its clients with an integrated collections service. MTBC clients benefit from a reduced collections rate as well as a web-based interface to submit unpaid claims.
Partners In Care (PIC) is a New Jersey based, physician-owned Independent Practice Association (IPA). PIC was established in 1995 as a physician hospital organization (PHO) and later evolved into an IPA in 2004. It specializes in providing physician-led targeted healthcare services including population health management, preventive care and chronic disease management to its clients. PIC clients include commercial health plans, municipalities, self-insured companies and managed care organizations. PIC currently has over 350 primary care and multi-specialty physicians as members.
Saint Peter's Healthcare System was formed in 2007 and reflects the expansive scope of health and wellness services to the community. Besides Saint Peter's University Hospital, the system includes the Saint Peter's Foundation and the Saint Peter's Health and Management Services Corporation.
MTBC has partnered with NUANCE after passing the Dragon Medical self-evaluation testing, and is now proud to be Dragon® Medical Tested. It is an accredited certification program by NUANCE to check the compatibility of EHR software with Dragon Medical software. MTBC has successfully completed self-testing, which validates that Dragon Medical works in the context of its EHR software.
DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services that provide real-time access to patient data, improve communication and collaboration at the point of care and across the patient’s circle of caregivers, and enhance the doctor’s clinical view of the patient to help drive better health outcomes. MTBC and DrFirst worked in collaboration for EPCS Support through Surescripts. Now provider can e-prescribe Schedule II-V Controlled Substances Drugs by using MTBC WEBEHR v2.0 integrated solution of EPCS Gold 2.0 with error rate of 0%. This helps in reducing fraud and abuse, improve care efficiency and support safety.
Over the past year, the Dermatology Alliance has rapidly evolved into the largest premier buying network for independent Dermatologists in the United States.The Dermatology Alliance has negotiated significant discounts and rebates from nationally-known vendors. Unlike some of the existing buying networks, the rebates and discounts it negotiates on behalf of its membership are passed directly on to its members. Currently, there are close to 100 vendors that participate in its program, offering many of the products and services that Dermatologists use daily.
Salus Telehealth: Salus Telehealth, Inc., provides telehealth platform and equipment resources for the healthcare industry. It offers services in the areas of needs assessments, telehealth consultations, onboarding and operations support, program support, customer service and 24/7 IT support, scheduling and credentialing, physician and healthcare provider onboarding/telemedicine program adoption, program support, and training and education. The company offers its services for small and mid-size hospitals, long-term care/skilled nursing facilities, urgent care facilities, private schools and universities, small to large self-insured companies, healthcare organizations and providers, physicians, governments, World Health Organization/CDC, private industries, correctional facilities, and organizations in need of agronomy and veterinary services.
GuideRight Assessments: Electronic mental and behavioral health assessments for use by physicians with their patients; Software for assessing mental and behavioral health, as well as reviewing, analyzing, and tracking the results of mental and behavioral health assessments; Providing temporary use of a web-based software application for assessing mental and behavioral health, as well as reviewing, analyzing, and tracking the results of mental and behavioral health assessments.
Tokenex: TokenEx is a cloud-based data security company, providing solutions for coupling Tokenization, encryption, and key management for ensuring secure data. The TokenEx Cloud Data Protection Platform provides tokenization, encryption, and data vaulting as a unified software as a service. Designed from the beginning to be payment processor and card-reader device agnostic, the cloud platform integrates transparently with existing business processes and payment providers