The Interoperability and Security of Blockchain

Interoperability via Blockchain

Medical records beyond silos

MTBC has implemented a permission-based Blockchain network, which holds the references of the medical records, exchanged with permissions, between multiple EHR's. Patient's control access to their records via their EHRs mobile app, and can grant permission to any provider whose EHR joins the network. The network allows providers to then synchronize data on that patient securely over blockchain to all connected EHR records they've been given permission to, while data is traditionally stored on their associated EHR's database. The network is open for any EHR to join through MTBC. Please contact us for more information.

EHR Software

Key Features

EHR Interoperability

Providers can update the same patient records synchronized over the Blockchain network: EHR's can connect via our easy-to-use API. Having medical records in their own database, providers update the record which is then synchronized over the Blockchain network across all the patients records which have been shared with specified access. There is no need to transfer records physically or by some other means thereafter to update all the patients’ providers once they are connected.

Patient’s Control Over Data

With this implementation, we are giving patients ownership and control of their medical records. Whenever they have to visit a provider other than their Primary Care Provider, they can decide the type of secure access they want to give to that provider and for what duration.

Security & Accessibility

With your EHR’s app connected with this Blockchain network, patients can take their records wherever they go. They can access their records using your EHR’s app, or our talkPHR web or mobile app, from any E.H.R connected to our Blockchain network.

Our Blockchain Architecture