10 Checkpoints to Consider Before Selecting A Professional Medical Billing Company

Healthcare professionals are overworked and overwhelmed because they need to handle endless billing, collections, insurance claims and other administrative tasks on a daily basis, making it difficult to focus on patient care. If healthcare providers want to pay more attention to patient care and spend less time on administrative tasks then they need to hire

Protect Yourself from Surprise Medical Bills

You are not fully covered for all medical facilities even when you have premium insurance that results in surprise medical bills at the end of the treatment. Whenever the patient undergoes surgery, outpatient procedure, or even an ER visit, financial surprises seems nearly impossible to avoid. Recently, Trump administration announced a new push for legislation

Choose the Right EHR Software for your Medical Practice In 2019

It’s a compelling question; Are EHRs responsible for low provider productivity compared to when they were using paper based records in 2009. Providers often hold the complicated EHR systems responsible for the business loss. They argue, EHR systems increase practice cost, waste valuable time, and overall affect the practice negatively. When researched, the claims were

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Nearly eight billion smartphone users on earth and one billion in North America alone are increasing the focus of technologists and businesses towards this high-tech mobility. Smart device applications are developed for nearly all industries that empower you to book a hotel or your next flight ticket by tapping on your smart device. Mobile technology

5 Top Telehealth Questions Answered

According to the IHS analysis report, global telehealth market experienced an exponential growth by ten folds from 2013 to 2018. Furthermore, the report states that there were 350,000 users of telehealth in 2013 all over the world, but this trending healthcare technology experienced continuous growth that boosts its user base from 350,000 to 7 Million

5 Practical Staff Training Techniques to Ensure EHR Implementation Success

EHR implementation is a comprehensive set of strategies and techniques meant ­to ensure the seamless transition from a paper-based environment to a more reliable electronic health record system. Healthcare organizations often neglect the importance of EHR implementation strategy and staff training which ends up working against them for many reasons. The format and content of

Denial Management: How to Avoid Medical Claim Denials

Medical billing is a critical factor in determining the financial success of a practice, and claim rejection has a significant impact on the cash flow of any practice. A denied claim is one that doesn’t meet the set criteria of the insurance company or carrier, and they therefore refuse to pay for the healthcare services

5 Medical Billing Strategies to Maximize Your Collections

The introduction of time consuming and value-based incentive models, as well as rapidly changing medical billing rules and regulations have affected the cash flow of practices across the U.S. These recent reforms to the healthcare system have brought on new challenges for providers, and it is now much more difficult for physicians to remain independent

Why Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Medical billing is one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks that often diverts the attention of medical practitioners from their core expertise. Why? Because they often end up overseeing the billing themselves, or at the very least, being heavily involved in the process. This is like asking a Mathematician to perform the job

How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Blockchain is an emerging technology that creates immutable and distributable data records that are shared peer-to-peer between linked database systems. This technology records digital events in a pattern that is not editable or recognizable before it reaches the recipient. This secure data exchange is one of the major reasons why blockchain technology is a favorite