2012 American Academy of Ophthalmologists (AAO) Conference Highlights

MTBC had the opportunity to present its Ophthalmology Billing Solution at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Joint Meeting in Chicago. Below are a few of the highlights from the conference. For more highlights and to learn more about MTBC follow us @MTBC_UniqHIT.

MTBC ‏@MTBC_UniqHIT: MTBC is at AAO12 in Chicago! We are in the Windy City tweeting live coverage of the event. pic.twitter.com/dqQJP8w8
MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: @aao12 pizza, football, and your billing solution- #mtbc booth 363pic.twitter.com/g9zjJnIf
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MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: #aao12 #mtbc table is set & ready for you to stop by grab a treat and sign up for a tour of Chicago on our jet! pic.twitter.com/8AIBBqGT

MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: Come fly with us! #aao12 visit #mtbc @363 pic.twitter.com/9SBGnlOk
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MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: #mtbc is back at #aao12 booth #363 stop by for a free Ten minute practice management consultation with our VP of Revenue Cycle Management

MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: #mtbc is streaming Sunday Football @ #aao12 booth 363 drop by for the highlights

MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT #mtbc lunch and learn about our practice management solution at booth 363 @ #aao12 pic.twitter.com/yjAMDJ7l
MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: #mtbc @ #aao12 we have another pie … Our lunch and learn continues pic.twitter.com/ErZozJGx
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MTBC@MTBC_UniqHIT: #aao12 #mtbc skyline tours taking off in about 10 minutes! Come fly with us! Change your perspective! pic.twitter.com/1hOQvivp
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