2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: TOP FIVE

I had the opportunity to host MTBC’s first webinar on the final 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule this past Wednesday, December 5. Although we had an excellent turn out, many interested parties were unable to attend. Shortly after the webinar ended, I received a phone call from a client requesting that I share a “Top Ten List” based on what was covered.

I would like to share my “Top Five” takeaways from the webinar with everyone. Nevertheless, for those who wish to watch the webinar, a complimentary recording will be posted on our website sometime next week.

1. 2013 Conversion Factor: $25.0008

2. Relative Value Units – CMS will use:

a.  Proxy practice expense per hour values by cross walking values from other specialties;

b.  A “sliding scale” approach (based on the SBA maximum) to determine the interest rate to compute equipment costs.

4. Telehealth Services: Medicare will be providing reimbursement for 8 services.

5. Hepatitis B: CMS will begin covering hepatitis B vaccine and its administration to all individuals diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

6. Transactional Care Management: CMS will pay for two new G-Codes 99495 and 99496

For a more in-depth analysis, please register for MTBC’s second webinar on the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.