A Health Care Perspective on the Apple iPad™

Apple®’s Newest Gadget May Have a Lot to Offer the Healthcare Industry

The recent launch of the Apple® iPad™ incited a craze within the technology industry.  The device was designed with an eye toward improving and perfecting such tasks as browsing the web, playing games, reading electronic books and sharing photos, video and music.  While some of the buzz has subsided, there is still a great deal of hype surrounding the iPad™’s potential, particularly in the healthcare industry.

At the moment, speculation that the iPad™ would be widely adopted in healthcare and clinical settings remains just that—speculation.  However, based on the success of the iPhone™ among physicians and nurses, it is not an unrealistic prediction.   Some experts believe that the iPad™ is capable of driving the healthcare community away from the desktop, as the iPad™ has the potential to provide an exciting new level of point of care.  Still, the vast majority is not quite ready to buy into the hype.

The iPad™ Offers the Latest Technological Advances

Practically, the iPad™ does offer some features that many clinicians and healthcare professionals will find appealing.  With prices starting at $499, it is considered less expensive than most other tablet devices available on the market.  The 9.7-inch graphical user interface offers an increased ability to view animations, images and online medical records.  With e-reader capabilities and a variety of medical applications (mostly inherited from the iPhone™), the iPad™ may be the ideal device for medical education and patient-clinician interaction.  An external keyboard can also be attached for easier data entry, and the iPad™ has a relatively long battery life of approximately 10 hours.

In addition, the iPad™’s 3g wireless connectivity allows physicians to stay connected to line-of-business applications such as electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software.  Many companies, including MTBC, have already announced that they will be developing iPad™-integrated EMR software.

MTBC Offers a Chance to Win an iPad™

In related news, MTBC has launched an “iPad™ Draw” contest for the month of May.  One lucky participant will win a brand new iPad™, courtesy of MTBC.