A Quick Guide to e-Prescribing: Collect Your 2% Medicare Bonus in 2010

Since the passage of MIPPA (Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008), healthcare providers across the country have begun to integrate e-prescribing into their practices. Under the Act, providers who successfully e-prescribe are currently eligible to earn a 2% bonus on their Medicare collections.  Moreover, the e-prescribing incentives are structured in such a way that they will continually decrease over the next few years until they eventually become penalties:


2010 2% 0%
2011 1% 0%
2012 1% 1%
2013 0.5% 1.5%
2014 & On 0%


Nonetheless, many practices are still hesitant to make the transition.  Though most of these providers would agree that e-prescribing is superior to the traditional pen and paper method, many feel that the incentives offered are insignificant compared to the cost (mostly their time) of implementing e-prescribing in their offices.  However, upon closer examination, the requirements for bonus eligibility are not overly stringent or burdensome.    Providers might be able to integrate e-prescribing gradually over an extended period of time and still qualify for the bonuses available under MIPPA.

How to Qualify for a Bonus

Pursuant to the guide released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), healthcare providers must do the following to qualify for the 2% Medicare bonus:

1)      Obtain an eligible e-prescribing system—one that can:

  • Generate a complete medication list incorporating electronic data received from pharmacies and benefit managers.
  • Select medications and transmit prescriptions electronically in accordance with applicable federal standards, and only after warning the prescriber of any possible safety issues associated with the drug order.
  • Provide information related to the availability of lower-cost, therapeutically appropriate alternatives.
  • Provide information on formulary medications, patient eligibility and authorization requirements received electronically from the patient’s drug plan.

2)      Report the appropriate combination of codes on Medicare claims.

  • The physician must report the appropriate combination of CPT codes and special G-codes on Medicare claims—in order to qualify, the physician must report the appropriate G-codes for at least 50% of the cases in which they apply.

3)      E-prescribe enough to qualify for a bonus!

  • The physician must submit just 25 e-prescriptions throughout the entire year!
  • The services the physician provided that can be linked to an e-prescription must make up at least 10% of the physician’s Medicare charges for the year.

With such minimal requirements, the transition to e-prescribing does not have to happen overnight.  Physicians can ease into e-prescribing on their own terms and in their own time, and still take advantage of the bonuses available under MIPPA.

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