ACO: Creating a Strong Foundation with a EHR

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are meant to be a flexible payment and care delivery model that lowers total cost of care for patients using a group of coordinated health care providers. Hay Greens, a healthcare policy practice, recently released an article that outlined five preparatory actions to create a stable ACO. This article informs providers that an ACO with proper infrastructure and planning will ensure its success. (See image above) But don’t be fooled, simply creating an ACO without an established web based electronic health record (EHR) software will be unnecessarily cumbersome and will increase the obligations of providers and ACO management alike.

When forming an ACO, there are two elements, to look for from an EHR vendor. By affiliating with an EHR, the Personnel and Technological Infrastructure steps can be properly planned and handled with ease. A working EMR can lower personnel count and provide the technology infrastructure to sustain a successful ACO. In addition, the occurrence of technological issues are greatly increased as the size of the ACO grows and the number of providers increase. This problem can be avoided by properly tracking the ACO’s growth and maintaining a close relationship with your EHR vendor.

MTBC, a unique healthcare company, maintains multiple technical support teams to handle providers’ requests for the conversion and transfer of patients’ healthcare data. Our company can provide the technological expertise to handle large volumes of data integration and migration to support an ACO. Furthermore, MTBC also established the required technological infrastructure to handle the transfer of patient data from one ACO provider to another.

Read our ACO series blogs to learn more about ACOs. A video of webinar on ACOs hosted by our very own VPs of Client Relations Management will be available shortly on MTBC website.