ACO + Healthcare IT EHRs = Increase in Software Innovation

ACOs lower the cost of healthcare by merging healthcare services and streamlining the process for patients to receive medical attention. Many ACOs use Healthcare IT EHRs to improve on this process by providing automated systems that can maintain the work load of a typical provider and allow different providers easier access to a patient’s medical record.  With the increased push for ACOs, many EHR vendors realize the lack of innovation within this area and are focused on providing more solutions for ACOs.

Recently, many EHR solutions vendors are developing improvements to the Accountable Care Organization model. With this increase of new technologies, EMR vendors are changing the landscape for technological innovation and providing ACOs a more efficient and tailored approach to handle day-to-day patient care. In fact, many ACOs can use these new forms of innovation to streamline the foundation of their organization. For example, MTBC provides an automated proactive scheduler which allows providers within an Accountable Care Organization to proactively schedule patients for relevant procedures and encounters. This feature allows ACOs to streamline scheduling so that they can provide efficient and cost effective medical treatment to patients based on their personal information such as age, gender and family history. MTBC, a unique healthcare IT company, is a leader in healthcare IT innovation and plans to improve ACOs by maintaining a more robust automated system, and increasing security in our patient medical record-keeping.