AHRQ Grant For UNMC For Research On EHR Integration

MTBC EHR SoftwareThe Agency for Healthcare Research and Quantity (AHRQ) has sanctioned a grant of $2.5 million to the UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Centre) to improve its capabilities on integrating medical research with informatics. It is believed that the grant will help the UNMC to modernize its facilities and improve its skills for ensuring better medical services to the patients. Upon sanctioning the grant, the AHRQ encouraged the UNMC to work on fostering its capabilities and efficiencies without impacting the safety or the convenience of the patients.

The grant should be used for improving Electronic health record-AHRQ

The AHRQ emphasized that the UNMC should allocate a good part of the grant to modernize the Electronic health records solutions. AHRQ observed that the Electronic health records (EHR) were introduced as a system to record payments and services offered by the hospitals. But, their significance has risen now. Today, web based electronic health records play an important role in determining the efficiency of a hospital. Hospitals that have advanced Electronic health records solutions are capable of rendering more accurate and effective services to the patients.

The AHRQ said that UNMC should conduct more researchers on the different ways to develop EHR for taking care of patients more effectively. Because EHR wasn’t integrated into patient caring, the entire healthcare system is affected today. Now, it is time for a positive change. And the universities like UNMC have a significant role to play in ensuring better healthcare system through the integration of electronic health records solutions.

New system to determine how EHR is used in patient caring

As part of its mission to optimize the use of EHR in hospitals, especially in patient care, the AHRQ has introduced a new monitoring system which is aimed at determining how often EHR systems are used in healthcare organizations. AHRQ has already come up with the list of cardiologists from major healthcare organizations in the country. The physicians who are in the list will have to take part in the research programs conducted by medical universities and help them create real-life scenarios where they can explore the different ways of using the EHR.

The AHRQ said that many healthcare providers in the country are unwilling to adopt electronic medical record solutions or integrate with their practices for sheer ignorance or inhibitions. But there are several reports that the integration has yielded fruits and has helped healthcare institutions stay organized and advanced.