AMGA Appreciates CMS’s Proposals to Improve Healthcare Practices

In the wake of national level demand from healthcare experts to the improve the standard of medical care services, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced a proposal that aims supporting and improving Medicare Shared Savings Program for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The proposal will cover every participant in the healthcare system such as consumer groups, healthcare experts and community stakeholders.

The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) has welcomed CMS’s proposal and said, “The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) is pleased that the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a proposed rule to make refinements to the current framework of the Medicare Shared Savings Program. The CMS proposals reflect that the agency is being responsive to the input it has received from healthcare providers and other stakeholders concerning the operational and financial challenges that threaten the success of the program.”

AMGA requests CMS to include Medical Transcription companies in their initiative programs

The American Medical Group Organization suggested that CMS has to ensure more participation of Medical Transcription Companies in the healthcare initiatives it is conducting. As of now, the level of participation by Medical transcription companies in the various healthcare related programs is very low. Other changes that AMGA requested CMS to make include giving special permission for Accountable Care Organizations to take extra agreement period before moving from one sided model to two sided model.

AMGA pointed out that Accountable Care organizations have to evaluate the downside risks associated with the transition. For this, they require extra time. As per the current system, they are granted very limited period of time for the transition, which will result in them being not able to figure out the downside risks. There have been instances in the past where Accountable Care Organizations were penalized for not figuring out the downside risks. AMGA pointed out that ACOs are given very limited time to figure out the risk.

AMGA suggested that ACOs should be allowed to work together with Medical Transcription companies to figure out downside risk they may happen to face during the transition from one sided level to two sided level. However, the association didn’t give details regarding this finding.

The CMS hasn’t replied to the suggestions made by AMGA. The suggestions by AMGA are being valued with great care and attention as it is the largest body that represents the country’s most reputed healthcare organizations, physicians and AOCs.