Anywhere and at Anytime: MTBC Provides Patients’ Premium Access and Control Over Their Healthcare

Ninety percent (90%) of patients want direct access and control over their health records and care, according to a survey released today by Accenture at the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) annual meeting. The results of the survey also showed that eighty-five percent (85%) of patients want to be proactive when it comes to their healthcare; carefully and conveniently deciding when it is necessary to schedule face time with their physicians.

This survey further bolsters the need for providers to offer their patients easy access to their records. It illustrates that patients would like to access and manage their own healthcare through the use of mobile devices, internet and email. The study concluded the following:

— Web-based access to health information: Nearly all patients surveyed (90 %) prefer web-based access to health information and education to help manage conditions and nearly three quarters (72 %) to book, change or cancel physician appointments.

— Email interaction with providers: The majority of respondents (88 %) want to receive email reminders when it is time for preventative or follow-up care and three quarters (76 %) want the option of email consultations with doctors.

— Self-management of healthcare by mobile devices: Most patients surveyed (73 %) prefer to use a mobile device for requesting prescription refills.

MTBC’s Patient Health Records (PHR) delivers these technological advances and more to its providers.

Some Benefits of MTBC’s PHR Include:

• Our PHR is completely FREE for all of MTBC’s 5% practice management and billing clients.
• Provides patients with direct access to necessary forms and paperwork.
• Provides comprehensive and detailed patient health information.
• Allows providers to manage patient visits electronically, freeing up time and resources.
• Patients receive preventive healthcare by receiving automatic and timely health alerts.
• Online scheduling tool allows patients to quickly and easily schedule their own appointments.
• Provides patients with convenient iphone/android application as well as computer access.

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