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Do You Need Both an EHR and a Practice Management System?

There are a surplus of practice management system and electronic medical/health record systems available to healthcare providers. Because of this (not-so-well-differentiated) variety and a lack of availability or accessibility to information about them, confusion often arises, making it even more challenging for practices to choose the right product to streamline their operations. Because they’re likely

Why Small Practices Should Consider Outsourcing Their Medical Billing

Medical billing is a complex matter, as there is a lot that goes on in the back-end to make it a success. Careful and sometimes tedious tasks are required and then executed by specialists in the arena. So, if you run or own a small practice and are considering the idea of taking your medical

How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Solution for Your Practice

The financial fitness of any practice is tied directly to efficient medical billing collection, compliance, and follow-ups throughout the claims process. An effective cash flow system is essential in order to keep the financial health of your practice strong. Constant rule updates and new policies like the transition to ICD-10 from ICD-9 are making the

Top Rated Podiatrists in New Jersey

Do you suffer from swollen ankles or feet? Do you have cracks and cuts in your feet that make it painful for you to walk, wear shoes or even stand for a while? If you want to seek relief from all these ailments then you need to schedule an appointment with your nearest podiatrist as