Body Of Healthcare Providers Urges Gov To Speed Up ICD 10 Implementation

In a recent development, a collective body of healthcare providers in USA sent a request to the leaders of the United States Senates and House of Representatives to speed up the implementation of ICD 10. It observed that the delay in making an ICD 10 Transition is causing negative impacts on the healthcare system in the country.

Healthcare providers in USA keen to make ICD 10 Transition

In contrast to the reactions of healthcare providers in many countries to ICD 10 compliance, the healthcare providers in USA are quite keen on implementing ICD 10 coding. Even though the World Health Organization has granted one-year reprieve for healthcare providers across the world for preparation before the mandatory ICD 10 compliance, the healthcare providers in USA are already ready for the compliance.

The fact that most of the popular pharmaceutical companies have already made the ICD 10 transition has made most healthcare providers in U.S to speed up migration from ICD-9 coding practices to ICD 10 coding system. Furthermore, the new coding system is quite inclusive and systematic. It has included even the recently diagnosed diseases like Ebola.

What is the deadline for ICD 10 Transition in America?

1st of October 2015 is the deadline for the healthcare providers in America to ensure compliance with ICD 10 codes. This deadline was made a legislation after the president, Barak Obama, signed it. It in fact precedes the deadline put forth by the World Health Organization. It is reported that small hospitals and healthcare providers might be given a certain period of reprieve if they fail to ensure the compliance before the deadline. However, for other providers and payers, there is no scope for any reprieve as of now.

Content of the letter submitted to the Senate and the House

The letter sent to the Senate by the healthcare providers’ body gives a few suggestions and requests for effective compliance of ICD 10 coding. The body that is comprised of 15 healthcare organizations represents major healthcare providers in the country.

The body encourages the leaders at the Senate and the House to go ahead with implementing the new coding system by all means. It says that the extension of the deadline would slow down the entire process.

A Senate spokesperson said that the leaders at the House and the Senate were impressed and encouraged by the suggestions made by the body of healthcare organizations. He said that the government has no plans as of now to extend the deadline.