Broad-based Coalition Demands Immediate Passage of Healthcare IT Legislation

Earlier today, Health IT Now!, a coalition of more than 175 businesses, non-profit and patient groups, urged Congress to “pass federal legislation that promotes the widespread adoption of health information technology in the remaining weeks before Congress adjourns.”

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In particular, Health IT Now!’s September 9th letter to Congress asks Congress to adopt legislation that includes the following provisions:

  • “A public-private process to determine standards for interoperability, product certification, quality measures and an accelerated process for standards improvement”;
  • “Financial Incentives for health care providers to adopt and use health IT”;
  • “A focus on consumer empowerment through patient and provider education about electronic health records; and
  • “Appropriate privacy and security protections.”

Health IT Now! is a coalition comprised of 175 businesses, non-profit and patient groups, including Boeing, American Heart Association, National Patient Advocate Forum, American Cancer Society, Siemens, Intel, AT&T, Oracle, DHL, Cisco Systems, UPS, Xerox and Verizon. It exists to urge lawmakers to expedite the deployment of Health IT so as to improve care while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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