Check-In Kiosks and Opthalmologists

There are many reasons that people do not like going to the doctor’s office. Whether it is fear of the unknown, fear of pain or fear of the long wait, most people do not feel that the doctor’s office is a day at the beach. I fall into the last category of fears- fear of the waita year to my ophthalmologist. He is an excellent doctor and treats each visit with a personal touch. However, the wait to see him gives me nightmares. I have waited up to 3 hours for my visit at the worst with an average being 1 ½ hours. Now, I understand that he is a popular doctor and there is only so much that can be done to limit wait times yet I noticed something key on my last visit- the complete disorganization of his staff in checking in a patient.  In some cases, patients waited 20 minutes to receive forms they were supposed to complete. It wasn’t like the staff didn’t care but they were so busy with other tasks that check in became secondary.

Whether I need to or not, I make one doctor

Many industries have suffered from the problem of long waits and they have implemented a solution to solve this issue- the automated check-in kiosk. From airports to now some DMVs , these industries have decreased wait times for receiving essential services. Luckily for doctors, the medical industry is heading in the same direction. Many hospitals and physician offices are using patient check in kiosks, like MTBC’s Patient Check-in Kiosk in order to streamline their check-in process. These kiosks are HIPAA compliant and allow a patient to enter in their name and insurance card information by simply touching the kiosk’s screen. The check-in information is sent right to the front desk, essentially freeing up the staff to complete other tasks. Additionally, patients can pay outstanding bills right from the kiosk using a credit card.  A key intangible benefit of the kiosk is that patients now feel that they are part of the process as opposed to being uninformed in the waiting room. Doctors can now avail themselves of the Patient Check-In Kiosk in order run their practices with greater efficiencies. If the DMV can do it, so can doctors.