CMS Services Emphasize On ICD 10 Transition

As per reports stated by sources close to the healthcare sector, important information on ICD 10 preparation was provided by the CMS speakers at a recently concluded meeting. The speakers covered a variety of topics to help the healthcare organizations adopt the ICD 10 transition policies easily.

Many organizations are still in the process of ICD 10 coding transition as the official deadline for adopting the new set of rules have been postponed to one year. A CMS Administrative Simplification Group stated that the emphasis was more on the CMS readiness efforts, which helped the organizations to get equipped well for the ICD 10 preparation. The organizations included the American Health Information Management Association, the American Academy of Professional Coders, the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The slides provided by Denesecia Green, who works as a part of a CMS Administrative Simplification Group reveal the same facts about the benefits of the program. Denesecia also mentioned about the CMS tool, which is named as the Road to ICD-10. The advantage of such a tool is that it enables the physicians to create their own ICD 10 action plan. The slides also included perspectives of some of the renowned physicians, who had good things to say about the tool.

As stated by Mark Bieniarz, MD, cardiologist, “ICD-10 offers substantial improvement in the ability to recognize significant differences in risk, severity, complexity, co-morbidities, and other key health condition parameters that make big differences in understanding variations in disease patterns and delivered services. We want to be evidenced based in the decisions that we make, and better data allows us to take a step in that direction.”

Also, several other healthcare providers mentioned about updates on the result of acknowledgement testing as well as highlighting dates for future testing in order to be ready for the ICD 10 preparation. Among these, Stacey Shagena from the Medical Contractor Management Group discussed about the final testing efforts and encouraged the audience members to work with their concerned Medicare organizations.

Since the official deadline has been postponed again, there’s almost one year left for the providers to opt for ICD 10 preparation. However, it is recommended for healthcare providers to train their physicians about the new set of rules at least six months before the official date. This will help to reduce the overall loss suffered by vendors when the ICD 10 transition would finally become mandatory.