Considerable increase in mobile EHR users

With the recent surveys, it is evident that when it comes to Electronic Health Record systems, mobility and satisfaction matters a lot. This is as per the findings of one of the web based EHR consultancy companies, along with other market research companies. Nearly 600 people were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the mobile EHR systems. Apart from satisfaction, they were also asked to rate the challenges they faced along with the benefits of the system.

The survey says that 76 percent of the total users used EHR software on their desktops or laptops, while there were about 26 percent of them using it on a mobile device or tablet. Out of the ones using mobile devices to use EHR systems, more than half, that is about 58 percent of them, were satisfied with mobile usage.

This might be due to the ease of use offered by mobile devices. This is evident since 61 percent of the mobile users said that it was not a big deal to work on the system. They did not face major challenges right from the very first time they got the chance to use the web based EHR system in their mobile devices. While a large number of mobile users rated the system to be ‘not challenging’, over 58 percent of the non-mobile users rated their system to be ‘challenging’.

When it comes to productivity, there were about 58 percent of the non-mobile users who rated their system as a challenge and said that it took time for them to accustom to the system. Meanwhile, 73 percent of the mobile users said that it did not pose a challenge to their productivity. They could work on the systems with ease.

In the survey, the second most challenging task that people rated was slow productivity. Another challenge that people faced was the difficulty in integrating the web based EHR system with the existing one. Most of the doctors also reported the difficulty in importing the existing records and customizing their current systems.

On the other hand, the respondents in the survey said that the ability to access data and information easily was one of the key points of the web based EHR system, including the robustness and the legibility of the records. Among the other features, drug interaction alert is most talked about the most. Looking into the overall picture, we can deduce that 35 percent are very satisfied, 40 percent are satisfied and only 10 percent are very unsatisfied.