Continua Guidelines for Connected Healthcare Technology

Continua Health Alliance, an international non-profit organization, announces the public release of its 2010 Design Guidelines for healthcare networks. Releasing the guidelines to its members is a huge milestone achieved by the alliance that will create an end-to-end personally connected healthcare network for consumers.

The industry standards and specifications selected by the alliance to ensure interoperability are also made accessible to members and non-members as these design guidelines go public.

This latest edition of guidelines also incorporates the following:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) interface, which takes data from an aggregation or hub device, such as a PC, mobile phone or health appliance, and sends it forward through a standardized model for remote monitoring servers or electronic health records. This service was developed in collaboration with the Integrating for Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Support for two new Personal Area Network (PAN) and Sensor-LAN device types: ┬ápeak flow meters and adherence monitors to be used in medication monitoring
  • Updates and improvements to the ISO/IEEE Base Framework Specification that identifies a common transmission protocol of Continua device data regardless of the device or application
  • ZigBee support into the Sensor-Local Area Network (Sensor-LAN) interface, preferred for its efficiency in working with multiple sensors in the home.
  • Email support to the Health Record Network (HRN) interface that serves as an interface between a remote monitoring server and an electronic health record (EHR)

The 2011 Design Guidelines, which include improved identity management, data integrity and consent management are under consideration and are expected to be released for Continua members later this year.