Deadlines Healthcare Providers Must Know About! – Part One

E-prescription: February 28, 2013, is the last day to submit claims to reap the 1% bonus payment for Medicare patients that were successfully e-prescribed to in 2012.

Meaningful Use: February 28, 2013 is the last day to complete attestation for payment year 2012. Keep in mind that 2013 and 2014 are the remaining years for Medicare physicians to earn an incentive payment.

Medicare Performance Targets: 2013 is the year when CMS will determine which providers will get awarded bonuses and which providers will receive a 1.5% cut in Medicare payments starting in 2015.

Value-Based Purchasing: CMS’ value-based purchasing program will link your Medicare reimbursements with your patient care quality. A value based modifier (VBM) will adjust your Medicare payments based on the physician efficiency and quality scores.

State Insurance Exchanges: March 31, 2013 is the deadline for notifying employees about the new health insurance exchanges, expected to be set up by the government in 20 states, with the federal taking care of the rest of the states.

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