Deadlines Healthcare Providers Must Know About! – Part Two

Employee Health Insurance: In 2013, healthcare providers must decide whether to provide employee health insurance.  If you have 50 or more employees (eps), you must have an employee health insurance scheme? plan?, or pay a $2,000 fee for each employee above 30. (So 50 eps – 30 eps = 20 eps X $2000 = $40,000)

Medicaid Patients: In 2013, healthcare providers might want to accept Medicaid patients because Medicaid payments will be raised to 100% of the Medicare Fee Schedule in 2013 and 2014.

ICD-10 Coding: October 1, 2014 is the deadline for healthcare organizations to implement ICD-10 coding. But don’t underestimate the complexity of ICD-10, take time now and start learning the new ICD-10 codes.

Extracurricular Pay: In2013, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will begin its data collection, which requires drug and device manufacturers to disclose all gifts and fees valued over $10 that are given to healthcare providers.

Protest Medicare Pay Cuts: In 2014, IPAB could be recommending provider pay cuts for Medicare. Write to your Congressperson to support a bill by the American Medical Association to repeal this proposition.

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