Finally the MTBC EMR 4.0 is Now Available

Another nice stuff, MTBC’s EMR 4.0 Helps Practices Get Stimulus Funds

Ever since the introduction of the Stimulus Bill, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) adoption by clinicians is greatly increasing. EMRs are replacing paper recording methods used by physician practices, making a practice much more efficient. MTBC provides a free, CCHIT-certified EMR. Many clinicians have had unique needs for an EMR, but MTBC has met their needs with EMR 4.0.

MTBC’s EMR 4.0 provides practices of all sizes with a fully integrated, comprehensive Electronic Medical Records solution. Developed with direct input and guidance from practicing physicians, MTBC’s EMR provides full practice management software with functionality that medical organizations need to be more effective and efficient.
Get Billing Software, EMR and Practice Management Software — All In One Package
With MTBC’s EMR provides everything that medical professionals need to manage their practice, including:

Evaluation & Management Coding — EMR’s integrated coding engine provides automated guidance, up- and down-coding guidance (based on patient histories, systems reviews, physical exam), integrated chart notes reviews for accurate, documentable coding guidance and more, all in one EMR system.
– Integrated Billing Software Submission — One click claim submission, eliminating paper superbills, and submitting directly to MTBC for processing and providing direct access to patient claim history.
A.D.A.M. — This definitive multimedia Encyclopedia for patient education provides over 3,600 conditions, procedures, treaments, surgeries, tests and patient educational material, complete with illustrations
Electronic Prescription Integration — One click e-prescribing including requesting electronic refills, Rx-History, prescription eligibility and formulary details
Disease Management Support — Disease management guidelines, industry standard preventive service reminders, and alerts and decision support at the point of care based on patient age, gender, conditions, etc.
First Data Bank updated drug database with integrated drug reference material including dose calculations, drug-to-drug contraindications, education materials, and drug to allergy and food indications
Medical Appointment Scheduling Software — Customizable multi-provider, multi-location scheduler
Document Management System — Contains a robust imaging utility as well as secure forwarding, messaging and document signing
Integrated Messaging Tools — Real-time communication tools including an intra-office messenger, task lists by users and groups and group list integration
Hospital Lab Connectivity — Order entry directly from the EMR
Card Scanning Functionality — Simple insurance card scanning eliminates data errors and takes insurance cards, drivers licenses, and ID cards
Customizable Practice Management Reporting — Generate customizable reports in real time or an automated format

Get It All Back — And More — With EMR
You never thought that making money was so easy with MTBC’s EMR 4.0. Recent legislation enacted in the American Recovery & Reinvestment act calls for practices that are using qualified EMR software (such as MTBC’s EMR 4.0) to receive bonuses up to $65,000 beginning in 2011.

What’s even better, those that use a qualified e-Prescribing application (such as EMR 4.0) will receive a Medicare bonus of up to 2% for eligible submissions. Just think of all the money you can get back from just using MTBC’s EMR 4.0.

Get Started With MTBC’s EMR 4.0 Today
Getting started with EMR 4.0 is easy, and MTBC will set up and support EMR 4.0 for you for free. With all the features and functionality that EMR 4.0 offers, medical practitioners are realizing that they cannot survive without EMR software. Combined this with the government stimulus funds and you have a EMR package that pays for itself and more over time. Don’t delay — act today. Get your EMR 4.0 package. Contact us.