E-Prescribing Developments and Considerations – Part V

Many providers have asked for information regarding the application process for participating in E-Prescribing. In fact, there is not a formal, onetime application. However, a provider (or practice, as the case may be) will not be entitled to a bonus unless he or she consistently represents – in the context of claim submission – that a qualified E-Prescribing system is being utilized during encounters with Medicare patients.

To earn a Medicare bonus, a provider must utilize one of the G-codes set forth to the right with regard to > 50% of all claims (for Medicare patients) that are identified by the codes discussed during our December 9th, 2008 blog.

As a summary, to earn a Medicare E-Prescribing Bonus, a provider must (1) be a licensed healthcare provider who consistently used a qualified E-Prescribing system during the respective calendar year. Also, (2) at least 10% of said provider’s 2009 Medicare reimbursement must result from the codes identified by Medicare (see, December 9th blog) and (3) he or she must report an appropriate “G” code with at least 50% of those specified codes.

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