E-Prescribing Means Greater Success

E-Prescribing or Electronic Prescribing is an eligible service that allows healthcare providers to electronically send an accurate and error-free prescription to a pharmacy. It is a centralized, paperless system for handling medical prescriptions.  Instead of writing a prescription on paper, the physician enters it directly into his computer system and the prescription travels from the physician’s system to the pharmacy’s computer. E-Prescribing is meant to reduce the risks linked with traditional script writing. E-prescribing allows a physician to electronically transmit a prescription.

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Electronic Prescribing plays an important role in advancing patient care and improving our health care system. Providers can better manage patient prescriptions since electronic prescriptions reduce prescription errors and drug interactions. Modern electronic prescribing software can provide a lot of benefits to a hospital and its staff. Some benefits of the software include:

  • Detailed history of patient drug prescriptions
  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduction of medication errors
  • Electronic prescribing for discharge medications
  • Improved quality of care
  • Checks for drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions
  • No handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret
  • Prescriptions arrive at the pharmacy before the patient leaves the doctor’s office

E-Prescribing allows doctors to send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy, receive electronic refill requests and electronic replacement requests for a general medication. E-Prescription offers a powerful tool for physicians to safely and efficiently manage a patient’s medications and to ensure greater convenience for patients. Electronic prescription also makes it easier for physicians to access a list of their patients’ medications and enhance their overall medication management process. Electronic prescription handles data issues and collects health information about the patients from the initial office visit through discharge.