EMR Software can help Improve the Overall Health Care

As per the recent reports, the benefits of EMR in improvising health care have been brought up by a healthcare organization in Beaumont, which is a physician-owned healthcare organization that comprises of numerous specialists as well as the care options and facilities for the patients.

The findings come in stark contrast to what a large number of physicians have stated about the web based electronic medical records i.e. they are inefficient and plenty of work needs to be done before employing them. According to these medical practitioners, the digitalized medical records are not that efficient and it is necessary to take a few initiatives to make these systems work efficiently. However, the findings by the organization have stated that the use of electronic medical records plays a vital role in improvising the overall care and facilities provided to the patients.

According to them, the usage of systems that use the digitalized medical records data helps in sending information between the specialists and primary care physicians in the hospitals within the same network. According to James Jolly, CEO of SETMA, the EMR software also use Greater Houston Healthconnect as a platform to expand its viability. Thus, these help in making the process more efficient for the patients. Also, the systems use standardization medical lists and are associated with the emergency room. Hence, if a patient returns to the same hospital, the doctors on staff will have no difficulty in knowing about the medical history of the patient and what all treatments he has received in the past.

As stated by James Jolly, “I think in 10 more years, we’re going to be in a much more robust position than we are now. I think the (healthcare information exchange) will be mature, and most practices, if not all, will be integrated through the HIE.” He also said that the industry is moving towards making interoperability among the healthcare systems a reality. But still, there is a need to adopt various advanced technologies in the systems to make them much more useful to the physicians as well as the patients.

The federal government had announced that the use of EMR in healthcare organizations is made mandatory in order to improve the overall patient care. However, a number of such systems could not be used, which resulted in a lack of communication among these healthcare systems.