Free Up Your Staff’s Time With MTBC’s Automated Appointment Reminder Service

Is your office staff spending a significant amount of time calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments?  Let us do it for you!  With MTBC’s automated appointment reminder service, you can reduce your number of no-shows while also freeing up your staff to focus their time and energy on other critical office tasks.

MTBC’s appointment reminder service is fully integrated with our web-based billing platform as well as MTBC EMR 4.0, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any modern medical practice.  Features include:

  • Automated, professional communication with your patients.
  • Ability to schedule reminders for 1 day, 2 days or more in advance.
  • Automatic, real-time updates to patient status in your MTBC online scheduler.

MTBC provides its appointment reminder service at no additional charge for all of its 5% billing clients.

To listen to a sample voice message and get started with MTBC’s automated appointment reminders, please click here.