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Your Guide to Remote Prescribing

As the number of independent prescribers increases, remote prescribing has become even more popular. The benefits of remote prescribing are un-doubtable but it’s important to remember that this type of prescribing comes with complexities. Minimize risks and simplify the complex nature of remote prescribing by following these procedures and best practices. Why Prescribe Remotely? Though

Top 14 Podcasts for Doctors

Since the onsight of COVID-19, you’ve had to deal with the sudden eradication of your social life. Good news, there are ways you can fill your free time while also feeling productive. Podcasts are a great way to keep up today with the latest news, ideas, and trade secrets. They’re not only a great way

The Role of Telehealth in a COVID-19 World

There’s no denying it – telehealth is having a moment. As providers continue to encourage patient safety through social distancing measures related to COVID-19, patient care conducted through telehealth has proven itself to be a crucial asset for providers and patients during this pandemic. But what about life after COVID-19? Will telehealth still be as

How to Navigate Telehealth with Elderly Patients

People are living longer than ever before, and older adults often have diverse medical needs. Many are managing chronic conditions as well as dealing with new-onset issues and complications. The elderly rely heavily on healthcare services, from annual checkups to specialized care, and yet no one is talking about the disruptive nature of digital technology

Deploying an Effective Remote Medical Workforce During COVID-19 Pandemic

As coronavirus pushes businesses to reconsider policies and enact procedures to keep employees safe, navigating the technology and techniques that are powering an effective and secure remote workforce serving medical practices across the U.S. can be cumbersome. We’ve put together key areas for checks and balances to ensure reliable productivity and communication, even when working

Protect Yourself from Surprise Medical Bills

You are not fully covered for all medical facilities even when you have premium insurance that results in surprise medical bills at the end of the treatment. Whenever the patient undergoes surgery, outpatient procedure, or even an ER visit, financial surprises seems nearly impossible to avoid. Recently, Trump administration announced a new push for legislation

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Nearly eight billion smartphone users on earth and one billion in North America alone are increasing the focus of technologists and businesses towards this high-tech mobility. Smart device applications are developed for nearly all industries that empower you to book a hotel or your next flight ticket by tapping on your smart device. Mobile technology

5 Top Telehealth Services Questions Answered

According to the IHS analysis report, global telehealth market experienced an exponential growth by ten folds from 2013 to 2018. Furthermore, the report states that there were 350,000 users of telehealth in 2013 all over the world, but this trending healthcare technology experienced continuous growth that boosts its user base from 350,000 to 7 Million

Denial Management: How to Avoid Medical Claim Denials

Medical billing is a critical factor in determining the financial success of a practice, and claim rejection has a significant impact on the cash flow of any practice. A denied claim is one that doesn’t meet the set criteria of the insurance company or carrier, and they therefore refuse to pay for the healthcare services

9 Practice Management Software Features Required for a Provider

When moving to an all-digital office, the practice should set aside some time to determine the practice management software that will be a good fit for their practice. Providers often misunderstand or are confused by medical billing, electronic health records software and practice management systems, so we’d like to distinguish the key features that make