Get Ready For ICD 10 Transition

ICD or International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Problems is a module prepared by the World Health Organization. This medical classification includes the various codes for diseases, complaints, abnormal findings, signs, causes of an injury, cause of a disease, social circumstances, etc.

Now, the WHO has revised this list with the all-new ICD 10. With the release of the new classification, it has become inevitable for practices to make a transition to the new code. This transition is set to affect the inpatient procedure and diagnosis of all patients who come under the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act or HIPAA. The deadline set for mandatory ICD 10 transition is 01 Oct 2015.

With ICD 10 transition, all the transactions should be carried out with version 5010 standards. The older versions 4010/4010A standards do not function with ICD 10 codes. According to CMS, health care providers should avail the services of professional organizations and societies for a smooth changeover. All the certified coders should undergo this training. You can find training materials for ICD 10 training from various societies, professional associations, CMS, system vendors, etc.

Here are some tips that will help you with the ICD 10 transition.

• Understand the work process and touch points of the current system, which makes use of the ICD 9 codes.

• Get in touch with the practice management system vendor, and talk about the feasibility of accommodating ICD 10 codes in it.

• Work out a plan with the payers, billing services, and clearing houses, so that the transition is smooth and simple.

• Find out how the ICD 10 transition would affect provider contracts. You may have to contact the payers for this.

• Observe what changes would take place in the business processes and work flow with the move to ICD 10.

• Prepare a detailed budget for ICD 10 implementation. The budget should include all the expenses for this transition like the cost of training, resource materials required and changes in the system.

• Before you begin full-fledged working with ICD 10 codes, it is advisable to test transaction with clearing houses and payers. This will help you to ensure that everything is working perfectly before the actual transition.

The staff of your medical practice must undergo training before transition to ICD 10. Therefore, find out which all staff would require training and for how long as well.