Get Your Flu Shots Here!

After assisting with the preparation and presentation of the flu shot webinar I truly believe that, armed with reminder calls, providers have a fighting chance of bringing in patients who would otherwise stop in a store to receive their flu vaccinations.  This idea really hit home when I visited family and friends in Washington D.C. this past weekend and I quietly listened to their banter regarding the (insert chain store name) flu shot signs littering the city.

Disclaimer: I did not mention my webinar or desire that they get their shots from their doctors.

“I cannot imagine picking up Swedish fish, milk, and getting a vaccination, all in the same place!”

“I might come here if my doctor doesn’t give these shots because I always get the flu.”

“A true sign that summer is over.”

For the sake of brevity I have only provided a small sample of the comments made that day regarding this topic. Although I reviewed the JAMA studies highlighting the importance of reminder calls for preventative immunization, it was not until I listened to a group of friends and family contemplate and complain about the possibility of having to get their shots from a store rather than their provider, that the importance of calling your patients to let them know you offer these vaccines really set in. If you are an MTBC 5% billing client we offer, at no additional cost, automated flu shot reminder calls that will let your patients know that they can get their immunizations in the comfort of your office.

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