Half of the Patients find their Medical Bills Confusing Report

Despite a large number of governmental programs to promote advanced medical billing and coding practices, it seems that there are many healthcare organizations and medical billing and coding companies that are stuck with traditional and erroneous billing and coding practices. And this has led to a huge amount of confusions and concerns from older patients who fail to figure out what it is all about. The recent report about the over-priced cancer drugs sheds light onto this. A New York Times report points out that erroneous billing practices make the cost of healthcare look confounding and absurd.

Medical billing practices and pricing patterns of pharmaceutical companies

What has evolved from a recent study is that unsystematic medical billing and coding practices essentially lead pharmaceutical companies in the country to think that they are uncontrolled and unmonitored. Consequently, they charge whatever amount they wish for the drugs they sell. In a recent instance, a group of doctors from Memorial Sloan Kettering refused to prescribe a particular cancer drug owing to the unreasonable pricing practice.

Medical billing should be made understandable for patients- NerdWallet Health report

NerdWallet Health points out the need to bring about adequate changes in the medical billing and coding practices that are currently followed. In its recent report, the research firm pointed that a lot of medical billing and coding companies were following complicated billing patterns that many of the patients couldn’t understand. The report says that while medical billing and coding companies try to ensure that they follow modern billing patterns, they should also make sure that the billings are made clear and understandable to the people, who happen to be the end-users.

The report found out that more than half of the American consumers couldn’t figure out what their medical bills actually meant. They had to depend on someone else who had knowledge on this or consult the medical billing and coding companies that drafted out the bills to get their bills clarified.

Hospitals overcharging patients

In certain cases, some hospitals in the country were identified to have overcharged their patients. The report says that the overcharging took place due to the wrong medical bills.

The New York Times report and the NerdWallet Health research findings unanimously emphasize on one thing – the need for adopting advanced medical billing practices and making the bills understandable for the patients. The government policies should therefore focus on this aspect as well.