Health Policy Commission Announces Funding for Mass Hospitals in Massachusetts

The Health Policy Commission in Massachusetts announced a colossal funding for Mass hospitals in the state. The report says that a sum of $60 million has been given out to various mass hospitals in the state. The purpose of the state funding, as reported by the media, is to improve the participation of hospitals in Accountable Care Organizations.

28 Mass Hospitals in the List

It is reported that the state funding will be delivered to 28 select hospitals initially. The Health Policy Commission has plans to extend the funding to all the mass hospitals in the state. However, the report says that it will take its course of time. The HPC’s decision for the colossal funding is said to have been drafted after the state of Massachusetts passed the health care cost containment law. The law was passed in 2012 and the Health Policy Commission has been delivering funds to health care institutions since then.

This year’s funding aims at improving participation in Accountable Care Organizations

In the first two years, the HPC funding was supposed to be used for improving the standard of healthcare services provided by mass hospitals. However, HPC mandates that this year’s funding should be used for improving the participation in Accountable Care Organizations. On a special note, the HPC spoke about the significance of medical billing and coding companies in the healthcare sector.

HPC observed that the quality of works provided by these companies could gradually contribute to improving the healthcare sector. As of now, there are very few state-funded medical billing and coding companies. Most of the mass hospitals in the state either depend on their own employees for medical billing and coding or depend on inadequate medical billing and coding companies functioning in the state. The government is deeply concerned about this and wants to make a change in this.

Select hospitals will receive funding for transformational changes

Sources report that HPC has allocated special funding for select hospitals in the state in addition to the aforementioned funding. The purpose of this special funding is to initiate those hospitals into making transformational changes in the overall system. Consequently, these hospitals will not have to depend on other medical billing companies.

The HPC’s decision to fund mass hospitals is a good sign and could certainly benefit those hospitals to make progressive changes in providing quality healthcare services to the people. However, the funding has to be extended to other hospitals as well in order to let its benefits reach all the citizens of the state.