Healthcare Organizations Need To Accept Accountable Care Arrangements

As per recent reports, major healthcare providers and healthcare IT companies have started to accept accountable care arrangements as an option to improve the healthcare facilities. Using these arrangements results in cutting down the overall cost involved as well as improving the patient care and thus, enhancing health management.

Accountable care organizations or ACOs look all set to get more established in the coming years. However, certain high-profile departures from the program in recent times have indicated that all healthcare providers are not ready to accept the move of allowing the establishment of ACOs.

It has been found that accountable care usually requires a much deeper understanding of how to target certain services that can turn out to be essential ones to patients who are in actual need of the care. In this, two main aspects are generally considered to be most important i.e. patient risk stratification and comprehensive population health management. These are considered to be important for operating in ACO environment mainly because this will help in reducing the overall cost involved to a great extent.

The healthcare IT companies and providers are also recommended to take into account the fact that the pay-in reimbursements would dissuade and disrupt the regular revenue cycle. However, most organizations won’t understand this aspect until a relevant situation occurs.

After checking the reports, one aspect becomes quite clear; it is not always an easy decision for the providers to make commitment to the strategies set by ACOs. Healthcare organizations need to adequately prepare their staff for the challenges they would have to face once they get ready to adopt these measures. Hence, it is essential that the healthcare organizations become prepared to accept the ACO arrangements.