The Quality of EHR Software

A majority of the software vendors are now providing quality EMR software solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations. But, there are still many breaches in the technological solutions available, especially in the areas of data sharing and data security. On top of that, the use of affordable web-based EHR applications that did not meet the CMS guidelines has been reported.

Hospitals and software vendors advocated to maintain EHR quality standards

Many hospitals are looking for affordable EHR software solutions for meeting the EHR Stage guidelines and attestation requirements. But, this is a rather short-term view of the matter. They need to continue using these software solutions beyond the EHR Stage attestation period. Efficient use Of EHR technology can reduce the chances of medical errors and the features present in the software must facilitate this long-term use and demands of an ever-growing patient record database.

The EMR software used in hospitals has to work effectively with all the other Electronic Health billing software in the hospital network. Reports indicate that many hospitals are struggling with compatibility problems and other errors with these different applications as they implement the EHR software.

According to Health IT experts, using quality EHR software solutions will take care of most of these problems. Hospitals should stop looking for the cheapest software solutions and instead pay for an EHR software package that comes with at least a few years of tech support. These support services will include fixing the compatibility issues and making sure that these EHR applications will work smoothly with the accounting and billing software applications they have already in place.

Experts are cautious about the use of cheap network security solutions in the shared EHR database network. A shared cloud network of patient medical data can be easily breached. All hospitals and healthcare organizations must therefore maintain strict quality standards to ensure that the patient privacy is protected. For this, quality network security solutions should be implemented.

However, since most hospitals and healthcare organizations are struggling with even the implementation of the best web-based EHR software before the deadline, the concerns for quality is likely to take a backseat for the time being. However, the priority should be on the software vendor side. Stricter quality standards need to be imposed when it comes to EHR software certification.

Maintaining such quality standards is vital to reduce the cost escalations that are likely to happen in the future as the system starts to accumulate more and more patient medical records.