How to Earn Your Electronic Prescribing Bonus

In recent blogs, we focused on Congress’ carrot and stick approach to encourage e-prescribing. As we discussed, providers who implement e-prescribing could receive Medicare bonuses (above and beyond the Medicare fee schedule payments) equal to 2% of their annual Medicare collections.

However, providers who do not implement e-prescribing will eventually see their reimbursements drop below the standard amounts set forth in the Medicare fee schedule.   To qualify for an e-prescribing bonus, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A provider must submit a “sufficient number” of prescriptions (aggregate of electronic and paper) under Part D. Unfortunately, “sufficient number” has not yet been defined, but it will be clarified by the Secretary.
  2. A “sufficient number” of the “sufficient number” of aggregate Part D prescriptions must be submitted electronically (wow, only the government, or a lawyer, could make it this convoluted!). Again, “sufficient number” has not yet been defined, but it will be clarified at a later date.
  3. The provider must use e-prescribing technology that meets the minimum technical requirements.
  4. If there are any PQRI measures that directly relate to e-prescribing, the provider must report such PQRI measures in at least 50% of the situations wherein the same are “reportable.”

In the next blog, we will focus on another groundbreaking change that is coming to the e-prescribing world.

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