How to Setup Passwords or Authentication Process on your Mobile Device?

First step towards securing data on your mobile device is setup a password or an authentication process. Password is a combination of letters, numbers and keyboard characters that allows user to gain access to the mobile device. It is a means of user authentication. Authentication is a process of verifying the identity of a user, process or device.

Steps to Setup Password and Authentication on iOS device:

  • Tap on ‘Settings”, then Tap “General’
  • Select Touch ID & Passcode
  • Select Turn Passcode On
  • Now enter your passcode
  • At the bottom, there is an “Erase Data” field. Enabled means after 10 failed attempts at entering the passcode, iPhone information will be wiped.  This is not only a good feature but essential for iPhone Security.
  • Set the “Auto-Lock” to an appropriate time frame for when to lock the phone for a password

Data protection with encryption

Another advantage of using the password PIN is for a strong whole device encryption of data. The encryption of the data on the phone is done by hardware of the iPhone and is protected by the PIN. When not using the pin, data encryption is not protected.

Steps to setup password and authentication on Android device:

  • From the home screen, press “Menu”, “Settings”, “Location & Security”
  • Under Screen Unlock there will be many options for setting passwords
  • To set screen time-out, go back to “Settings” and click “Display”

Data protection with encryption

Android devices don’t have built-in encryption. You need to install third-party applications to encrypt the phone