Patient Empowerment through mobile PHR’s

MTBC has recently introduced a PHR application for both android and apple: the MTBC iPHR. This application is designed to provide PHR access on smart devices, and allows patients to view their vital health information as well as schedule appointments, request prescriptions refills, receive patient statements, pay bills online and view lab results—all in the comfort of their home using their smart phones.

As this blogger had the distinct pleasure of being part of the team launching iPHR, I ended up picking quite a few interesting facts and general industry trends on PHRs and their inherent transformative potential, some of which I want to share with you now in this blog post. It was a revelation to discover that three-quarters of patients in a survey were documented to be interested in going online to view their patient health record software, with almost half of them also willing to use smart phones.

This willingness is a harbinger of great transformation within the healthcare eco-system, as transitioning to an electronic or mobile format for personal health records would shift the ownership of vital patient health information from physicians to the patient, consequently empowering patients to become more active participants in their own healthcare rather than just passive recipients.

This paradigm shift will fundamentally revolutionize the entire care delivery model and help it evolve into a more personalized model, and encourage more patient engagement software. Patients –using PHRs have been documented by research to be more engaged and proactive in their healthcare – 32% of users of a study report that using a PHR has led them to take action to improve their health. These patients also reported experiencing greater value and trust in their care and were also more accountable for their own well-being. Mobile PHRs, in particular, can help to transcend the confines of a traditional practice and improve patient–provider relationship. These smart applications can encourage more patient engagement by providing access to lab results, prescription refills and patient education materials.

With the MTBC iPHR secure messaging feature, patients can easily contact their doctors and stay in touch between episodes of care. This ease of communication can lead to improved patient provider relationship, and a convenient access to the provider will reinforces trust and boost patient loyalty. Patients can also view their e-statement on their PHR account as well as pay their bills online, leading to quicker revenue collections and improved patient services.

We have made it possible for patients to receive their lab results on our PHR and review them in their own time or gather more information about their condition. Research has demonstrated that the patients’ easy access to their lab results enables better disease management and accountability. Your patients can also gather more information about their condition using our attached encyclopedia. We have facilitated prescription refill requests to cater for emergency patient needs.

The plusses for patients are clear and we’re thrilled to be one of the few vendors providing our clients with a free and integrated patient portal and mobile PHR. We encourage you to make iPHR available to your patients. Your patients can easily register online for the PHR portal, or download our smart phone PHR application to activate their PHR using the code provided by you- their physician. Our PHR application is designed to be more than just a PHR, it is a comprehensive delivery platform for more personalized patient engagement tools that would boost patient loyalty and lead to improved patient care.

We welcome your feedback in order to create a more user positive experience.