ICD-10 #2 Benefits of Electronic Charge Submissions

This time last year doctors everywhere were getting over ICD-10 conversion letdown shock and finding themselves experiencing something between supreme irritation, overwhelming relief, and hopefulness that it was not all for nothing … all the coding seminars attended, all the new coding reference materials bought and shelved. The ICD-10 code conversion had again been put on hold so doctors and staff dutifully went back to their craft having lived to “convert” another day. That day is upon us and the internet is virtually humming with sites showing those ICD-10 countdown clocks to October 10. Game day tension is definitely building. 

Coding, however, is only half of the game program. Doctors who are still scoring with pen and paper may not realize that submitting paper charge documents is like trying to run in flip flops, and those are not a good fit no matter whose teams are playing.

The right equipment for ICD-10 is electronic charge submission. Electronic claims are the thing of the present and future, and integrate so much better with industry processing systems. Scanning big batches of paper charges and related documents is a very slow, second string approach where electronic submissions can otherwise be sent directly to MTBC from any internet ready computer, cutting down on total time to payer.

MTBC offers an easy solution for electronic charge capture. For existing users at no additional cost, providers can commence using the electronic charge capture solution in the Practice Management system, or alternatively, the Web Based EHR Software. In addition, MTBC offers the same solution through its iEHR app, available on Apple and Android devices.

We at MTBC don’t expect you to figure all this out by yourself and are ready to help you through this transition. To learn more contact us at ICD10@mtbc.com or 732-873-5133 x 308.