ICD-10 #3 Team Work to Convert

/ kƏn-‘vƏrt / vb: to turn around or transform b(1): to change from one form or function to another 5a: to make a goal after receiving (a pass) from a teammate (Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Tenth Edition. 2001.)

This definition is a fairly good summation of the ICD 9-10 conversion: a transformation that requires teamwork. MTBC is ready to support existing and new practices through this conversion. We are working double time to provide free webinars multiple times daily, live coaching support from our ICD-10 specialists, free apps and tools, and more.

Our clients are saying MTBC’s ICD-10 Team has helped them feel “empowered” to tackle ICD-10, and the support provided is “clear and wonderful.”

If you are still not ready to convert from paper to electronic charge submission and let all that paper stay in the forest, consider this: It now takes you a half hour or more to scan ten paper superbills and the documents that go with them over to MTBC, but with web based EHR software or iEHR the total time is about five minutes. Hey, 25 extra minutes is time enough to see another patient, make phone calls, grab a quick lunch, or check the sports page.

The play clock is ticking, so if you haven’t made up your mind on a course of action for ICD-10, reach out to us for guidance at ICD10@mtbc.com or 732-873-5133 x 308.