Increasing Your Practice Revenue in 2013

It goes without saying that practices, in the very least, should review their finances at the conclusion of the year.  In addition to simply reviewing the final financial numbers, practices should really take the time to go deeper and analyze the results.  Did you receive an increase or decrease in payments?  Was it because you saw more patients? Did you use a higher reimbursing CPT code more often? Can you expect this trend to continue or did you just have a “good” year?  Of course to do such a thorough analysis, one must begin at the start of the year and meticulously maintain accurate records OR one can simply use the reporting function of MTBC’s Practicepro.  Practicepro provides a number of different reports including aging analysis, insurance payment analysis, and patient visit analysis.  By taking advantage of these tools, a provider or office manager can understand how and why the practice is or is not successful in certain areas.  For clients seeking refresher training on MTBC reporting system, please contact tech support at 732.873.5133 x102 to schedule a date.

Additional services provided by MTBC that will help to increase your revenue in 2013:

Appointment Reminder Calls: Automated calls to patients reminding them about their appointments in order to avoid no shows.

Webpro: Increases the marketing power of your practice by having MTBC make your very own website.

Lab Connectivity: Complete filing electronically giving your staff more time to take on other tasks.