Is It Safe To Store Your Health Information Online

The role of electronic health records and an electronic health record specialist in providing high-quality healthcare to patients has gone up considerably over the past few years. The health care system in the country is in the process of transition from the traditional paper records to electronic health records handled by an electronic health record specialist. With EHRs, the overall quality of healthcare improves and it can cut down health insurance costs largely.

With the revolutionary concept of electronic health records, doctors can now get all the information related to their patients, which will, in turn, help them to provide the patients with better healthcare. Erin Mackay, who is the health information technology specialist who works for National Partnership for Women and Families, says that the EHRs software “help doctors by facilitating access to the information they need when and where they need it.”

So, who all have access to electronic health records? According to Don Donahue, who is an associate professor at the University of Maryland University College, any person who works for the patient’s care will be able to access the records. This means, besides your physician, the billing and claiming officers, staff members at the doctor’s office, network administrators, the electronic health record specialist, nurses etc. will have access to this data.

According to the latest study, three-quarters of the physicians who have started making use of electronic health records have been happy with the working of the system. They say that EHRs have helped them to improve the quality of healthcare. Some of the providers have set up their service in such a way that patients too are able to access their records online. Mackay says, “Many providers are already establishing online patient portals where patients can remotely and securely log in and view their clinical health information.”

Now, even though the functionality to access your electronic health records software has a large number of advantages, many patients are concerned whether this data could be hacked. Julie Chua, who is the information security specialist at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services says that as no computer system is completely secure and that these records can possibly be hacked.

However, an electronic health record specialist who works in the healthcare facilities work for keeping the records safe and secure. The latest studies and reports also show that the healthcare providers are taking many steps to ensure that their patient data is secure and not compromised.