Legislators and Researchers Question Direct-to-Consumer Ads

As we have discussed in prior blogs, state lawmakers throughout the country are debating increased restrictions on the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to promote its pharmaceutical products to physicians. The industry has voluntarily responded by adopting various rules, including capping the amount of money that pharmaceutical representatives can spend promoting drugs to healthcare providers.

Legislator and Researcher in Conference Room

Pharmaceutical industry analysts have noted that the industry has been focusing increased efforts on direct-to-consumer advertisements.  In fact, this trend has caused increased scrutiny from the United States Congress. Some members of Congress have even introduced legislation banning all direct-to-consumer advertising during the first three years following drug approval.

Lawmakers are not the only ones scrutinizing direct-to-consumer ads. A recent study examined the effectiveness of this advertising and concluded that the billions of dollars being spent on such advertising may be having very little impact upon consumers.

To listen to a recent report regarding this research that was recently reported on NPR’s Marketplace®, To read the details of the PHRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, click here.

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